Wednesday, November 13, 2019
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Winning Architectural Work

What is required to win projects in today’s architectural environment? Everyone wants to know what it takes to win. The short answer is knowing your client. It is really that easy. If you know your client, their needs, wants and admirations you’ll win the work. This isn’t any different than any other field.

The next question is based on not knowing the client and still winning projects. Let’s say you don’t know any of the people you are trying to win over, but you know the project because like everyone else you read the RFP. What can you do now? Show them exactly what they want in previous work and something you’ve done before that tells them you can do this project. That might work if your previous work was out of this world and you really killed it. Let’s say this project you’re pursuing is that big project that will take you to the next step. Work. Work will win you this project. Hard work might be required, but what is really needed is a design, a concept, something that will just blow them away and not want to interview anyone else. How do you make that happen? Images. Renderings. Movies. Virtual reality. Anything and everything you can to show them you mean business. That you have the people and tools to pull off the work. Most importantly, this shows you are ready to put in massive amounts of effort on their behalf. You came prepared and are willing to go that little extra. A great rendering conveys what 1,000 words can’t. A 2 minute movie is worth 60 minutes presenting.

Rendering, movies, virtual reality is well within reach for any architectural firm. Amazon is selling the kit complete with Oculus Rift headset, computer, and controller for $3,800. Add $65 for a Revit License and $75 for Unity and you are more than on your way to winning your next large project.

This post describes how to win the work with images. The combination of a pitch and planning is still needed to win. This blog will detail how to get those images. What you need to help you win and convey your designs to the world.



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