Friday, December 6, 2019
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Visualization Platform

What platform should be used to do renderings and visualization? I have heard a lot on this topic recently. The next question is after the rendering what are you going to do? Are you just the schematic design architect and handing it off? What type of contract do you have with your partner firms? Are you doing all of the work in house? What is your talent pool? The answers to some of these might vary.

Today’s students are using Autodesk products, mainly Revit with some 3DS Max. This means that the up and coming workforce will have experience with Revit and nothing else. To the employer this means you can either train on the platform that you choose or give new graduates the ability to start contributing immediately. This means faster production, a better return on your investment in them and they will more than likely be able to teach your existing staff something, that they might not know yet either.

If every visualization piece that you do is then going into a design phase with other disciplines it helps to be mindful of those people and what makes them more efficient. The rendering is just one piece of the project. Renderings should reflect the actual dimensions of the space and the materials being used as to not mislead the client. Producing a rendering at each phase of the project is easy if Revit is used to both produce construction drawings and render since it is a built in function.

There are other rendering tools available in the market. If you are solely rendering there are many other options out there for you to choose from that have good lighting and other benefits. Integrated design throughout your firm can really only be achieved using Revit Revit can link to 3DS Max if higher quality is needed and the model will update through the link.


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