Friday, December 6, 2019
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Revit Automation

Revit gives you access behind the curtain with it’s API. This allows for customization and add-ins to be created. There are few people that occupy this space. There are even fewer developing that also have worked in an architecture firm or been exposed to their workflows. Combining these talents of programming and architectural knowledge leverages what few have. There are those out there providing useful consulting services doing just that. These are true pioneers in this field.

The history of Architecture has gone from hand drawing and sketches with master craftsman building the structures. Computers then entered the picture and construction drawings were created at a faster pace and some automation could be utilized. Enter BIM. Now there are programming interfaces and more computing power that can truly speed up the process of creating the buildings that we love and spending our time being creative where it counts.

In Revit we can create groups. These groups can be rooms or something else to speed the creation of construction documents.  This is the simplest automation that you can do within Revit and not know how to program. Create a group out of a standard room, copy that group around and then to change a room simply means ungrouping it and making your changes.

There are other automation tools within Revit such as schedules and formulas that you can create all within the families. Families themselves are even a type of automation.

The Holy grail of Automation has yet to be fully explored. You see parts of it being vetted and implemented, but in very small portions. This is in the crossroads of programming and workflows. Knowing what needs to be done, how a standard design should look, what that interface needs to be for the typical designer and implementing it. This summer I am exploring what this truly means for our industry and if this can truly be implemented. I’ll keep you all posted on the progress and how this can help you to spend more time on the designs that matter and not the tedium that is most of our jobs.


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