Friday, December 6, 2019
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Time is never on our side. Deadlines come up faster than we expect and Construction Administration always gets in the way with all the unexpected coordination items.
Let Kowabunga Studios solve that problem for you.
Kowabunga will take your Revit model from 0 to DD level drawings.
Since there isn’t a clear definition of Design Development, let us help make it clear.
  • All the receptacles in the model
    • 1 per wall in offices
    • 2 per wall in classrooms
    • 50 feet in hallways
    • 1 per wall in electrical/mechanical rooms
    • 1 per room in MDF/IDF
    • 2 per wall in dorm rooms
    • 2 per wall in conference rooms
  • Light fixtures in all spaces
    • Per your specifications
      • 2×2 vs 2×4 vs cans
  • Light Switches in all spaces
    •  Wall mount Occupancy sensors in offices, single restrooms
  • Ceiling Mount occupancy sensors in hallways, classrooms, large restrooms
  • Fire Alarm devices
    • Pull stations at exterior doors, stairs
    • Strobes as required per space
    • Smoke detectors in storage, electrical, MDF, IDF and Mechancial Rooms
    • Control Panel in the main electrical room
    • Annunciators in the main vestibule
  • Data Devices
    • Opposite wall of door in offices
    • Teachers desk and front wall in classrooms
    • Whip connection for systems furniture
    • front wall and floor box in conference rooms
  • Speakers
    • clustered in Gymnasiums
    • ceilings in hallways in hospitals, schools, and office buildings
    • classroom ceilings
    • Indoor and outdoor stadiums
  • Intercoms
    • patient beds
    • classrooms
  • Sheets setup for each system per your standards
Kowabunga Studios will meet all your requirements in the time frame you need DD level drawings.

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